Buying a printer? Don’t be lead by the price tag

Quick, inexpensive printing is essential for any busy business.  However, printing is often a cost that is overlooked by a company.  The problem lies in the fact that printers are durable products that are not simply purchased and immediately consumed, but instead used for many years. 

As a result, people tend to look at printers purely as a capital expenditure.  Unfortunately, this view can result in overlooking the sometimes significant running costs associated with a printer. 

In fact, printers probably represent a significant part of a business’ ongoing operational expenses.  Despite this fact, however, according to market research done by  International Data Corporation, as many as 90% of businesses don’t even know the true running costs associated with their office printer!

Therefore, if you have a printer in your business, there are significant advantages to properly evaluating how your money is being spent!

How much is your printing really costing you?
Many customers have been lured into buying cheap printers only to find out later that the cost of feeding the printer over the course of its lifespan exceeds the original purchase price by several times, with the largest cost factor by far being the consumables.

For this reason, it’s important to know the full cost of ownership – both the upfront costs to buy the printer and the cost of operation.  

If you have ever gone for the cheap option when buying a printer or if you have overlooked the long-term costs when making purchasing decisions, then there is a good chance you are wasting a good deal of money! 

When looking at your printer in this light, you will also quickly realise that costs of cheaper printers very quickly eclipse those of a more efficient printer, even overtaking them within a matter of months.  You may even find that simply getting rid of your older printer and replacing it with a newer and cheaper-to-run device will yield returns within a relatively short period of time.

Free eBook to help you determine the true cost of your printer
While often overlooked, the ongoing cost of operating a printer is a huge factor in determining which printer is right for you.  Hopefully, you already know what type of printing you’ll be doing. Once you know this, you’ll be able to determine which printer is best for you and what kind of costs you can be expecting.

To help you determine this, simply download our free eBook, Take charge of your printing costs.  The eBook will help you unmask your true printing costs and enable you to fit your printer to the size of your business and the volume of your printing requirements, and reveal how investing in new printer hardware now will deliver savings over the longer term.




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