Quest Apartment Hotels continue to invest in sustainability and growth
Quest continues to invest in sustainability

Quest Apartment Hotels in New Zealand has had its 52nd consecutive month of revenue growth and now operates with a base of network revenue in excess of $65 million. Quest are driven to continually meeting the evolving needs of their guests; be it locations they travel to, customer service expectations or onsite guest services. 

As one of New Zealand’s fastest growing accommodation providers, they have plans to establish up to ten new facilities around the country over the next 24 to 36 months, taking the number of hotel operations in New Zealand from 35 well into the mid-40s.

Quest recognises a growing number of Corporate car fleets are converting to EVs (Electric vehicles) such as Air New Zealand and Westpac. Based on this, they think that providing a charging solution for these types of guests is a need to be addressed. In response, Quest is working with their energy management partner, EMP to develop a solution that will be deployed at all new locations, starting with a pilot at Quest Petone.

It’s hoped that within the next few years Quest will have a charging station in every major and regional city they have a location.   EMP Chief Energy Partner Tuku Kururangi and his team have been hard at work ensuring that the equipment and installation is best fit for the corporate extended stay guests. The charging facilities have already been confirmed in the development specifications for the upcoming new Quest sites of Quest Tauranga, Quest Highbrook Extension and Quest on Manchester – Christchurch.

Obviously, it takes a team of committed and talented people to deliver outstanding performance and Quest is committed to investing in its personnel to allow them to be the best they can be. To support the sustainability of their team, Quest partnered with the hospitality industry training organization ServiceIQ to launch The Quest Qualifications Program. This offers team members the opportunity to upskill and gain recognised qualifications while on the job.  It’s a move that means all 250 talented staff throughout the Quest NZ network, from new entrants through to experienced employees, can upskill and achieve qualifications compatible with their level of skill and expertise.

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