P10 Weathering the storm by design

With the storm-clouds of recession looming, Dorenda Britten and Fraser Scott show how design can cushion the coming economic blow.



P12 Damage control

Carlene du Toit talks to Karen Knight, the
‘crash repair lady’ who has come full circle
in her industry.



P22 Cover story: Getting our share

New Zealand exporters continue to carve out a healthy slice of the global market pie. Editor Glenn Baker reviews the export year and showcases some of this country’s most innovative export companies.



P27 Exporter Showcase 2005

Who is getting a bigger slice? Our mix of emerging and established export companies - all thriving in today’s tough global marketplace.



P41 Northern exposure

All you ever wanted to know about trade fairs – why should you exhibit? How do you maximise your investment? And what business benefits can you gain by attending international expos?
By Mark Peart



P47 Horses for courses

Want to take your business to a whole new level? Patricia Moore looks at some training options
for business owners.



P51 Counting the beans

Our guide to accounting software – the latest developments, options for business owners, and what to look for – and it’s not just about counting beans. By Vikki Bland.

P 11 Breaking new ground

Fiona Schroeder and Carla Blick know a good opportunity when they see one, even if it happens to be in traditional male territory.

Editor Glenn Baker has the story.



P16 Recommended parental guidance

The power of a mother’s nesting instincts was more than enough to see Karen Scott successfully launch her Tots to Teens magazine.

By Carlene du Toit.



p20 Cover story: Service check

Many businesses fly the clichéd ‘friendly service’ banner in their marketing, but fail dismally when it comes to delivering customer service. Where are they going wrong?

By editor Glenn Baker.



P26 Directing Traffic

Yvonne Carter talks to Traffic’s Debbie Turner about her business, her motivations, and what has made her a success.



P29 Money to grow

Looking to take your business to a new level, but can’t do it without financial backing?

Patricia Moore reports on the options available beyond the traditional banks.



p36 In anticipation

The issues of business risk and insurance can be some of the most difficult for business owners to get their head around.

Yvonne Carter sheds some light.



p45 When the web means business

Vikki Bland untangles the mystery of web-based business. Learn how to build a successful web site for greater business-to-business efficiency and to attract more customers.



2 Notebook

43 Tech Biz

52 Motor Biz


57 Franchise File

58 On Accounts

59 Export Focus

60 Travel Biz

61 Independent Business Foundation

62 Marketing Maestro

63 Home Biz

64 Issues with Balls

p16 Taming Russia’s Wild East

Vladivostok is now very much open for
business, and as Kevin Cudby found, there are opportunities aplenty for serious entrepreneurs.



p 20Cover story: Survival tactics

Getting through the initial 12 to 24 months in business can be a true test of one’s survival instincts. Patricia Moore examines what it takes
to go from zero to hero.



p27 Toward new horizons

It opens doors, broadens understanding and develops global perspective – the MBA is the ultimate confidence booster for managers.
By editor Glenn Baker.

PLUS: Our 2006 Lift-out MBA Review.



p40 Bringing your files into line

The Quefile story is one of Kiwi ingenuity, determination, collaboration, and international business success. Carlene du Toit has the story.



p42 Reaping value through research

To stay in business or grow, companies must
adapt to changing consumer tastes. Robin Major talks with businesses that are sourcing the required know-how from Crop & Food Research.



p46 The mobility factor

Combine the latest mobile data networks
with innovative automation software and
you have a recipe for greater productivity.

Vikki Bland showcases businesses that are

reaping the benefits.



p49 Convergence and collaboration rules

Presentation equipment and style has come a long way from the slides and overheads of yesteryear. Kevin Kevany reports on the convergent and collaborative nature of today’s technologies.

14 Become a design-led business

 Rob Achten explains how Wellington’s Icebreaker Nature Clothing became \better by design\\