Cover story: The call to export
New Zealand's overall export sector has remained flat for many years. Will the Government's Export Year initiative be the catalyst to boost the country's export performance?

Exporter Showcase: Six of the best
Six remarkable export businesses that demonstrate how to break into offshore markets. What valuable lessons can aspiring exporters learn?

Attendance has its rewards
Trade fairs have never lost their appeal for generating new business. Smart Kiwi companies are using them to forge new relationships and access global customers.

Leaders are learners
Short, sharp, effective courses have become popular in New Zealand as business executives from the CEO down seek to gain new skills and make better business decisions

Managing the big picture
Vikki Bland reports on how businesses can benefit from integrated ERP systems that deliver a bird's eye view of customers, costs and profitability.

Two 007's gadgets: licensed to thrill
A look at the coolest gadgets, gizmos and productivity tools on the market in time for 2007.

Succession planning: a taxing issue
Andrew Dickeson highlights some of the many tax issues that should be considered when selling a business.
How to tame a dragon
So your product is a licence to print money but you need an investor? TV dragon Annette Presley shares some tips for success with editor Glenn Baker.

Cover story: Green and mean it
Increasing concern over global warming is also raising awareness of the need for sustainable business practices. Business owners must take action or risk losing customers to the competition. By Glenn Baker.

Where business is a pleasure
Hawkes Bay is not only an exceptionally pleasant place to run a business; it also punches way above its weight on economic growth. By Patricia Moore.

Covering all bases
Does your business have a risk management strategy? When did you last review your insurance? Mark Peart provides this reminder on the need to prepare for the worst.

Property pointers
Finding a suitable business address can be a doddle for some companies, and a mission for others. NZBusiness offers some advice.

Spoilt for support
Good accounting software can liberate a business by delivering useful financial information and removing tedious manual accounting processes. But which accounting software is best for your business? By Vikki Bland.

Thinking big on small packages

Health Pak is a family-owned packaging business celebrating its 50th anniversary, and still making a name for itself in an extremely competitive sector.

Glenn Baker paid a visit.



Postcard from Beijing

In the first of a series, Beijing-based ex-patPeter Bicknell highlights the potential of provincial China to New Zealand companies.



Cover story: From boardroom to boot camp

On the eve of his New Zealand visit, Bill Rancic, the inaugural winning entrepreneur on reality TV show The Apprentice shares his lessons on life and business success. By editor Glenn Baker.



Finders, keepers

An effective marketing strategy is about finding and keeping customers, and adopting your customers point of view. By Patricia Moore.



Empowering your people

IT training isnt exactly top-of-mind for small businesses, yet the business benefits are compelling. Vikki Bland explains how to get IT training right.




Increasing numbers of business people are harnessing the latest presentation technology to pitch to clients and train staff. NZBusiness reviews the latest tools for presenters.



Meeting on a screen near you

Videoconferencing, once a technology that only large corporates could afford, has become ubiquitous across the broader business marketplace. By Glenn Baker.

16 Rich woman tells all

Why are women so suited to business ownership? What are the qualities that set them apart from men in business? Glenn Baker talks to Rich Woman author Kim Kiyosaki.



20 Measuring signs of trouble

To analyse the health of an SME, its important to go beyond simply checking the books.

Karen Van Peursem and Mike Pratts failure prediction model paints a more accurate picture.



22 Cover story: Mixing business with lifestyle

What is it like to escape the corporate rat race and be in business for the lifestyle? NZBusiness talks to some of New Zealands lifestyle business owners.



27 The business of giving

Young entrepreneur Claire Sawyers came up with an idea to give back to the community, and created a unique business opportunity in the process. By editor Glenn Baker.



29 MBA Guide: Rising to the challenge

The MBA market is fractured and the choices varied. NZBusiness consults the experts and meets the graduates. Plus: compare New Zealands MBA programs for 2007.



46 Behind the wheel

Lynnaire Johnston presents the options in vehicle leasing for business owners, identifies the benefits and highlights the common traps.



55 Top gear

Vikki Bland takes a look at the latest office technologies and the best way to buy them.

14  Building strong supplier relationships

How you go about selecting your suppliers can be crucial to your businesss growth. Glenn Baker talks to Ross Darrah about the selection process and how to avoid supply chain disruption.



21  The Midas touch

One good business idea has ultimately led tomany others for 30 year old Kiwi entrepreneur Matt Blomfield. Carlene du Toit seeks his formula for success.



24  Cover story: He hkari  Celebrating Mori business success

Glenn Baker reports on the increasingly dynamic Mori business sector, and reveals the passion and commitment of todays Mori entrepreneur.



32  Franchising: taking one on; setting one up

Lynnaire Johnston looks at franchising from a franchisees and franchisors perspective, and Glenn Baker talks to franchise icon Sharon Kenny about her life as a franchisor.



40  Advantage receivables

For an increasing number of companies factoring options are the key to freeing up cashflow and driving business growth.



46  Promoting your Brand

Patricia Moore reviews the promotional products marketplace and highlights the importance of branded gifts in the marketing mix.



50  Under seige

Vikki Bland consults the data security experts for the latest tactics in keeping company information safe and secure.

16 Shifting sands: employment lawand your business

In light of two recent cases, Emma Poyner provides some straightforward and practical employment law advice for business owners.



26 Pushing the edge

Innovative marketing and consistent, memorable branding make Neil Geddes company Spaceships an award winning enterprise. By Carlene du Toit.



28 Cover story: Building up team players

Having difficulty getting everyone in your company singing from the same song sheet? Build a successful team in the workplace and youll have a successful business. By Patricia Moore.



32 Independence his cornerstone

A think big strategy has seen a contract winemaker achieve spectacular growth in just two years. Mark Peart reports.



38 What now for broadband?

Following the decision to unbundle the local loop, businesses have been abuzz with broadband talk. What does it mean for small businesses? By Vikki Bland.



42 Empowering mobility

Vikki Bland takes a look at leading edge mobile office technologies and showcases mobility-savvy businesses.



46 Click to call

IP telephony can deliver productivity gains that simply arent possible with a traditional analogue phone system. By editor Glenn Baker.

18 The economic benefits ofembracing ergonomics

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding ergonomics in the workplace. NZBusiness goes in search of the truth.


20 Passing on the baton

Businessman Tony Falkenstein is a key figure behind the push to introduce business studies to the secondary school curriculum.

By Glenn Baker.


26 Cover story: Souped up and successful

Pitangos Yasmin and Ofer Shenhav represent a new breed of exporters tackling niche markets with enthusiasm and innovative products. This special export report also reviews the state of the export sector and delivers advice for first-time exporters.


33 Fire, brimstone and business

Well known for its tourism pulling power, Rotorua also offers great opportunities for businesses, as Carlene du Toit discovered.


37 Going directly to market

Direct marketing can yield excellent results when executed properly, but some companies cant even get the basics right. Patricia Moore reports.


42 Travel without the turbulence

NZBusiness announces the arrival of its annual guide for business travellers. We hope itll make your next business trip just that much smoother. By Mark Peart.


50 Smart choices

Given the barrage of buzz-words used by the IT industry, business owners often have no idea whats going on. Vikki Bland reports on where business technology is headed.

18  A word from the Attitude Doctor

A pandemic of unhealthy thinking is sweeping through our workplaces and impacting on productivity, morale and our vision to succeed.

By Glenn Baker.



21  Branding that differentiates

Why change a strong brand thats already ruling the roost? Carlene du Toit spoke to mortgage broker Miranda Caird.



24  Cover story: All ears, no action

The Small Business Advisory Group has identified many of the issues facing SMBs that require Government intervention; but while there has been much talk from policy makers, theres been very little action. By Mark Peart.



31  Small Business Expo lift-out guide

All you need to know about this eagerly awaited business expo held at the ASB Showgrounds in Aucklands Greenlane from 10-12 May.



44 Delivering the Goods

When it comes to managing freight and logistics, should business owners go DIY or leave it all to the professionals? Robin Major showcases a West Coast company with a well-balanced approach.



52  Connecting with your customers

Its essential that CRM software solutions are easy to use and flexible. They must successfully bridge the gaps between companies and customers.

By Patricia Moore.



58  Whos minding your data?

In just a few seconds a malicious online attack can leave your business stricken. Lynnaire Johnston lifts the lid on our slack attitude to IT security.


Cutting down our tallest poppies

How New Zealand entrepreneurs are having to deal with the Tall Poppy Syndrome. By Dr Jodyanne Kirkwood.


Building a sandwich empire

In the south-eastern suburbs of Auckland, Subway franchisee Tracey King is working hard towards realising her lifes ambitions. By Glenn Baker.


Cover story: The Young Ones

How does Generation Y rate as employees and business owners? How can you attract young talent to your business? NZBusiness helps you to understand, recruit and manage Gen Yers. By editor Glenn Baker.


Stacking the odds

Not all start-ups can be a TradeMe, but by mastering a few basic principles you can substantially increase your chances of success. By Patricia Moore.


From old boys to new initiatives

On the occasion of the 150th birthday of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, Lynnaire Johnston talks to CEO Michael Barnett about its achievements.


Partners that deliver

Outsourcing is a sure-fire way for businesses to create greater efficiencies. Mark Peart talks to leading outsourcing contractors, and compares New Zealands marketplace with other countries.


Support where IT counts

A strong relationship with an IT service provider is vital for the smooth day-to-day running of a business, and for lowering the stress levels of business owners. By Vikki Bland.



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Issues with Balls

14 Why so gloomy?

Despite a slowing economy, business owners can still make 2006 their most successful year ever – all it takes is a few simple tweaks, says Sean D’Souza.

By Glenn Baker.

16 The real art of succession planning

Making succession planning a success is not about creating a business that is ready to sell, but creating a business that people want to buy.
By Ben Ridler.

26 Cover story: The battle of the sexes

Which gender packs the most punch when it comes to business management and leadership qualities? Patricia Moore went in search of some answers.

33 Partnerships you can bank on

Banks have morphed into business advisers that take a genuine interest in the success of your business. Mark Peart has the proof

37 Debunking the myth of high SME mortality

The common perception that new businesses have a very high failure rate appears to have been based on flawed statistics. New research paints a very different picture. By Carlene du Toit.

42 Reaching new markets

NZBusiness lifts the lid on e-marketing – tactics, technologies and top tips from some of the industry’s most experienced practitioners.
By Glenn Baker.

46 Hard copy options

Not happy with your current printing and copying arrangements? Vikki Bland presses the
‘START’ button on print and copy solutions for business owners.

P10 Yes Minister!

Just weeks into her new role as Minister for Small Business, Lianne Dalziel talks to editor Glenn Baker about her focus for the next three years.



P12 Honesty the best policy

Late last year, as Charlie’s campaigned against the \misleading\ labelling of juices and cold beverages, NZBusiness caught up with MD Stefan Lepionka.



P22 Cover story: Extraordinary businesses

Sick of the ‘same-old same-old’ when it comes to business? Thinking of starting a business but want to stay outside the square? Editor Glenn Baker went in search of the unusual to inspire you.



P29 Where there is vision, business will come

Mark Peart travels to Palmerston North to find out just how business-friendly the Manawatu region really is.



P33 Direction finders

Mentors, coaches, counselors, advisors – there’s no shortage of people business owners can turn to for advice and direction. Yvonne Carter clears some of the confusion.



P39 Great places to meet

Patricia Moore goes in search of memorable venues for off-site meetings or conferences.



P44 Painless payrolls

Should you outsource your payroll functions, have your payroll system hosted online, or do it all in-house? Vikki Bland sheds some light on payroll processing.