NZBusiness August 2014
A slice of life
Don’t tell celebrity chef-turned entrepreneur Sean Armstrong 
he can’t do something, because sure as cronuts are fattening he’ll prove you wrong – as Lesley Springall discovered when she interviewed the founder of the fast-growing commercial baking company Loaf.
No more risky business
A feature examining the risks to physical, human and digital capital – and how to mitigate and minimise 
those threats.
The drive for efficiency
A shift to value based decisions and a move away from vehicle ownership are two trends highlighted in this vehicle leasing and fleet management update. 
Freedom to innovate
Want technology to serve your business, not constrain it? Just head to the cloud.
Keeping track of the trucks
See what happens when a 90-plus year old freight firm embraces 21st-century freight management technology.
The X factor
Meet Eddie Freeman, the high achiever who sells life-changing experiences to anyone who dares.
Logging on to success
Tonya Callebaut’s business career has taken her from South Africa to the UK to Taranaki. 
Meanwhile, back at pre-school
Nathan Li’s Educa app helps connect parents with their preschooler’s progress.