NZBusiness May 2012

A touching tale
Al Monro’s journey with touchscreen company NextWindow started with a mid-life crisis and the end of a safe corporate career. But ultimately the business won through because of lessons learnt from failure. Monro shares his somewhat roller-coaster story with Lesley Springall.
For ‘mumpreneurs’ Jo Bond and Jo Keall, strong financial management and the willingness to listen to expert advice has helped fuel an impressive growth in sales.
Digitising documents
An effective electronic document management system and process can be the key to reducing costs for organisations, large and small. Glenn Baker does a little investigating.
A brand is born
Launching a new green-luxury brand into the US has taken a big leap of faith for small, family-owned Christchurch business Tréology. Sandy Galland has the story.
Protecting your information assets
Thanks to cloud computing, storing and managing business data has never been easier or cheaper. So why aren’t all businesses doing it? Bill Bennett offers a guide to data security.
WOWing the consumer
Click Suite develops a number-one iPad ‘app’ and becomes an international award winner.   
Smile please
Have your photo taken at a tourist attraction and chances are Magic Memories is part of the picture.
Feeling the heat
HeatBox is a business that has had to claw its way to success.
Actors for hire
The case for content marketing
Business mentoring: a paradox paying dividends
The DIY website audit
When staff don’t measure up
Becoming social media savvy
Working together for the cause
Shedding light on trademarks