NZBusiness November 2013

Building bump space

For ecostore’s Malcolm Rands, good business is just a means to an end. The more good you set out to do, the more money you’ll make, and the more fun you’ll have doing what you want to do. Lesley Springall has the Ecoman story.

Conquering cashflow

When it comes to managing cashflow, business owners can be their own worst enemy. NZBusiness rides the highs and lows of cashflow management.

Smart connections
Kevin Kevany catches up with the latest developments in business communications.

Building an online brand profile
Five easy steps for creating and maintaining a successful online brand.

Plugging in the next working generation
Workchoice Trust CEO Amanda Wheeler opens up on initiatives to connect education with industry.

The distance runner

Rebekah Campbell loves pushing limits to build her social search engine business.
Gem of an idea
Young Ashleigh Whittaker’s gluten-free foods are rapidly gaining traction in supermarkets and specialty stores.
Fashion goes to the dogs
Business partners Erin Hassall and Jane Francis reveal what’s behind the Chinchilla brand.