‘Young guns’ add ‘easy’ factor to insurance

Scott Haak and Scott Prouse, directors of the North Shore’s latest insurance provider MakeInsure, may look young and fresh-faced – they’re both in their late 20s – but they bring a combined 14 years’ experience in the financial services industry to the market. 

Launched in April this year, MakeInsure specialises in life, family, health and income protection insurance. It brings a fresh, relaxed approach to the subject of insurance – a style that should appeal to people of all ages – but particularly Gen Y and Millennials. 

Forget old-style insurance ‘reps’ who focused on the numbers and often left people confused about what they’d signed up for, Haak and Prouse, who’ve been mates since meeting at school aged 9, say they’re out to bust some of the old stigmas and misconceptions surrounding the industry.

Scott Haak, who has ten years’ experience with New Zealand’s largest life insurance company, knows how younger generations can dismiss personal insurance as unnecessary. They think they’re bullet-proof, and believe insurance can wait until they have ‘real’ responsibilities, he says. 

“But what if, for example, they lost their income and couldn’t meet their rent payments? Or if they’re suddenly faced with some urgent surgery that will cost say $20k?”

Scott Prouse had a recent personal reminder of how important insurance is, even for young people who may think they don’t need it. “A close relative who was 29, the same age as me, passed away earlier this year and it made me realise that nobody’s immune from risk, and it’s so important to have cover in place.”

The two Scotts confess to having a shared passion for helping people sort their insurance the right way. “It’s about making sure people are fully protected and, in the event of a claim, they get exactly what they have been paying for,” says Prouse. “We’re also committed to helping them through the claim process.” 

He says with the new compliance regime in the insurance industry, every step of the insurance process is now documented and recorded, which provides additional peace of mind.
MakeInsure stays in touch throughout the process and employs the latest technology platforms to communicate with clients, he says.

“We’ve only been going a few months, but so far the feedback from clients has been great,” reports Haak. “They like how we make the whole process of taking out insurance easy.”

Helping self-employed tradies sort their ACC payments has been appreciated too. He says often self-employed people are not fully aware of what they’re covered for, or how little they are covered by ACC if something was to happen and they could no longer earn an income. 
“ACC only covers accidents, whereas income protection covers accidents and illness,” says Prouse. 

In this fast-paced world, the two Scotts advise people to regularly update and review their insurance. As for Millennials, they say there’s no better time than today to sort their insurance needs. 

“Start small if you have to, but the important thing is to start,” says Haak.