Free online financial problem-solving service
An obligation-free, online financial problem-solving service for business and individuals has been launched by national accounting and business advisory firm Crowe Horwath.
Called ASK Crowe Horwath, the service enables questions to be posed by the general public and answered by Crowe Horwath advisors – ‘Get a real answer from a real advisor’ is the tagline of the platform.
There are no boundaries to the questions that can be asked with professionals covering the full spectrum of financial services.
Crowe Horwath New Zealand COO Phil Mulvey says the primary aim of the portal is to provide an easy point of access to professional and expert opinion.
“Crowe Horwath clients have a trusted advisor at the centre of their relationship with the firm who ensures they receive timely and strategic advice over a wide range of issues.
“We want others to be able to experience this first hand. We are giving them a taste of our knowledge, skills, style and level of care without any obligations or charge.”
The service is structured so an enquiry will be replied to in writing online, generally within 48 hours.
“It’s also an opportunity for users to get a second opinion, something that may be daunting and difficult for many in this sector,” Mulvey said.
The New Zealand launch of Ask Crowe Horwath comes on the back of a successful launch last year in Australia facilitated by Crowe Horwath’s Australasian parent company Findex. 
Findex partnered with FinTech start-up FinancialAsk to provide ASK Crowe Horwath.
Thomas Paule, chief marketing and digital officer at Findex said, “We are committed to FinTech – it is in Findex’s DNA to harness technology to provide better and timelier services for clients.
“We have been most impressed by the FinancialAsk team and we believe today’s launch of ASK Crowe Horwath in New Zealand is another forward step in a very productive journey with them that will bring value to our clients and our business.
“We see this alliance as one of incubation, knowledge transfer both ways and the ability to explore commercial opportunities on an exclusive basis,” Paule said.