Know the facts for safer drinking habits
Waking up not knowing how you got home, disgracing yourself at a staff do, still feeling a bit under the weather the next day at work. It’s the Kiwi way! Have a pie, she’ll be right. 
Well, in the wise words of Bob Dylan, the times, they are a changin’
Research shows that 47% of New Zealanders are interested in making a change to the way they drink. 
It is also widely accepted that the problem of alcohol misuse is not about what, where, or when people drink, but how they drink. Yet education and information about alcohol and drinking is largely absent in the New Zealand marketplace
With the new health and safety laws coming into effect in this month, there’s never been a more opportune time for businesses to educate their staff about alcohol.
After four years of trial and development, Lion’s Alcohol&Me programme will be made available to New Zealand workplaces. 
Alchohol&Me is a highly interactive and educational programme that provides information and real world tools to help people make smarter decisions about their drinking. 
The programme was born out of Lion’s ongoing commitment to help reduce alcohol related harm and draws on expert information from New Zealand and around the world to help people understand more about alcohol and its effects on the body and mind.
Launched initially in 2013 as an internal programme for Lion staff, Alcohol&Me proved to be so successful that in 2015 the programme was condensed into a free 60-minute online module and made available free of charge to all New Zealanders. In the same year a face-to-face, fully facilitated version of Alcohol&Me was trialed in three businesses and another 40 key representatives from other businesses have been through the programme.
Jude Walter from Alcohol&Me says, “Learning the facts about alcohol is incredibly important in being able to make informed decisions when enjoying a drink. Whether it’s spacing drinks out with water, knowing that your body can only process one standard drink an hour, or asking yourself, ‘do I need that extra glass? It’s about being smart and making the choices that are right for you”.
How to take part in a session
If you would like to trial the Alcohol&Me programme with your team, please contact Lion’s Programme Manager, Jude Walter, email Jude will liaise with you regarding suitable dates and times. Communication tools will also be provided to help you talk to your team about the programme.