Macca cracks on with free range eggs

McDonald’s NZ is on the home stretch to serving only free range eggs, having announced that 90 percent of the freshly cracked eggs its restaurants use are free range. The final 10 percent will be rolled out within six months as supply catches up with demand. 

McDonald’s NZ Director of Marketing, Jo Mitchell, says: “Our customers are caring more and more for animal welfare and locally sourced ingredients, and are the driving force behind our move to free range eggs. It’s exciting for us as a business to lead the way and make a change we know our customers will appreciate.

Last year, McDonald’s was the first major New Zealand company to announce a move to free range eggs and since then, several other companies have followed suit. 
McDonald’s free range egg suppliers Otaika Valley and Zeagold are expanding their free range operations to cater to the growing orders. Otaika Valley, General Manager, William Sandle, says they are grateful for the support of McDonald’s NZ.
“Working closely with brands like McDonald’s is great for our business and expansion plans.  We are in the process of building another farm in Kaharoa, stretching 100 acres to home 100,000 birds. These plans will help meet growing demand over the next three to four years,” says Sandle. 

Customers can easily identify if their McDonald’s restaurant is serving 100% free range eggs by looking for the logo on tray mats and digital menu boards.