Software partnership helps prevent retail crime
A recently signed partnership agreement between Auror and New Zealand Police is set to increase the range of crime prevention tools available to Police.
The Auror platform allows users to connect the dots in real-time around high-volume crimes, like shoplifting and petrol drive-offs, which are often carried out by repeat offenders in a coordinated way and cost New Zealand retailers over $2 million every day.
The Auror platform assists police by streamlining the crime reporting process, collating information, and identifying connections between offenders, vehicles, and incidents across the retail community.
“The platform has been piloted by Police staff across the country, and we have seen significant time savings in the incidents we process from retailers. On top of this, we have access to actionable intelligence on high-volume crime, enabling retailers and Police to better prevent crime,” says Police Deputy Commissioner of Operations Mike Clement.
The partnership is a positive step towards empowering communities to proactively prevent crime and enhance relationships between businesses and police. The Auror platform has already served an integral role in ‘Operation Shop’ with the Canterbury Police, preventing costly retail crime.
Auror CEO Phil Thomson explains, “Over the last two years, we have worked closely with the Police and businesses to identify where we can improve the process of reporting, preventing and solving crime in real-time. We are really excited about the early successes we’ve seen by allowing effective collaboration between the Police and our communities.”  
“Police are always looking at ways to work closely with retailers to identify issues and prevent crime together in the community. The Auror platform has been used by Police to prioritise high-risk offenders and more effectively deploy our resources to respond to high-volume crime,” says Clement.
“This agreement paves the way for a great partnership, allowing Auror to work closely with the New Zealand Police as a trusted partner to apply technology and innovation to help prevent and solve crime in real-time,” says Thomson.
Photo (L-R): Mark Evans, Police Deputy Chief Executive of Strategy, Mike Clement, Police Deputy Commissioner of National Operations, Tom Batterbury, Auror Head of Product, and Phil Thomson, Auror CEO.