Tech update from Wellington and beyond

Photo: Mille Jocelyn

Jenene Crossan of nzgirl, bloggers club and has just launched flossie concierge in Wellington. Changing the way salon appointments work and shoving old school operators into the digital age. She went for a round of funding before Christmas last year and got an enviable bunch of well known, high net worthers investing.

Adam Blackwell of STUN is collaborating with Showcase Workshop to create content for companies to help them understand the changes to the H&S Act coming into effect on 1st April. Awesome, he says, because staff and contractors will understand changes and directors won't go to prison!  

Millie Jocelyn of Showcase has effectively changed her role from CEO to president and hired San Francisco entrepreneur whizzkid, Jason Brooks to take on the CEO role. Jason will be leading a permanent US-based team, making Showcase the next big thing as far as start-ups go. Job titles at Showcase have changed to reflect their meaning for the business in the US. "Head of xyz" has no meaning anywhere else in the world except New Zealand.

Jonny McKenzie of Posboss is going through a funding process (closes end of March), has launched into Australia and is going gangbusters with his hospitality point of sale technology.  
Kit Greer of iMoved has a web tool that helps people update their new 'change of addres's to businesses, friends, family etc. And super securely. Data from Statistics NZ suggests that over 700 households move house every day in New Zealand. iMoved solves the pain of ringing around all your suppliers with change of address details.  
Nic Gibbens of PaperKite is an Apple HQ sweetheart. He has been building apps for the app store since there was an app store to sell them in.  Nic has just come back from Apple in Cupertino, San Francisco where he played with the new Apple watch. He was the first Kiwi to test his apps on it and wear one.