Touchtech opens new business in Australia
Photo: Andrew Smith with developer Alex Li.
Wellington software innovator Touchtech New Zealand has expanded to Australia with a new business model. Based in Melbourne, Sanctuary Digital focuses on rapid prototyping in the digital arena, providing services to enterprise business and entrepreneurs alike.
The new business is led by co-founder Layla Foord, alongside one of Touchtech NZ’s founders, Adrian Falvey. Layla says that Sanctuary Digital is taking a new approach to outsourcing software delivery by inviting clients to become immersed in the product development experience in order to
create more successful products. 
“By helping clients to better develop their ideas and get to prototype stage quicker we can keep costs lower and build better products” she says.
"Our offering in Melbourne is focused on rapid prototyping, which is all about getting a digital product to market in the shortest possible time. Once established in Melbourne we will roll this out here in New Zealand, working with Kiwi entrepreneurs and corporates," says the CEO of Touchtech NZ and Sanctuary Digital, Andrew Smith.
Adrian Falvey says the idea came about after observing that clients didn’t want to give away the fun work, but were struggling to fit experimentation into their day-to-day priorities. He also finds that entrepreneurs don't have time to focus on the digital aspect of their idea, sometimes finding it confusing and overwhelming.
“We think we're really turning the norm on its head by inviting businesses and entrepreneurs onsite to work with us. This collaborative relationship is going to help innovation and ideas bloom. We want to see our clients become part of our product development team. We think that together we’ll build better products which integrate with their own systems more seamlessly. This is naturally going to lead to more successful products," says Falvey.