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Richard Conway landscape sml
Time to put AI to the test
May 3, 2023

Richard Conway explains how AI technology can streamline your workflow and boost creativity. I believe we are at a pivotal moment in...

Logan Wedgwood
Make collaboration a cornerstone
May 3, 2023

“Marketers are stupid” and “salespeople are lazy”. It’s a familiar tale, and Logan Wedgwood says it’s time to change the tune....

Natalie Coombe
4 pricing tweaks to increase profit
May 16, 2022

Natalie Coombe shows how to get your pricing sorted so your profits go up.   Most small business owners I know got into business to...

Applying the 70:20:10 Rule
April 12, 2021

Alex Garden highlights a tried and tested principle for managing your digital marketing and putting some ‘zing’ into your company’s...

Richard Conway (2)
How to boost your online presence
December 2, 2020

How can businesses boost their online presence in the wake of covid-19? Richard Conway shares three ways to take it to the next level. Many...

2020 Mat Wylie (2)
In it to win it: Playing the CX game
December 2, 2020

Mat Wylie explains why you should go back to the basics of good, solid team management to vastly improve your customer satisfaction score...

Jo Douglas 2019
Controlling workplace emotions
December 2, 2020

With employment relationships under severe covid-induced pressure, Jo Douglas offers some timely guidance on how to deal with behavioural...

How to avoid digital disruption
December 2, 2020

Alex Garden shares three straightforward rules for eliminating stress and disruption when your business is reliant on digital commerce and...

Logan Wedgwood (2)
Two powerful ways to grow your sales
July 6, 2020

If your business has been experiencing sluggish sales growth in recent times, then perhaps these two suggestions from Logan Wedgwood can...

Mat Wylie 2015
What’s your retention risk?
April 11, 2019

Mat Wylie highlights the importance of retaining your customers in this tighter business climate, and how you can avoid ‘retention...

Logan Wedgwood (2)
Why bother with a target customer?
July 3, 2018

Logan Wedgwood explains why your target customer should sit at the centre of all your business decisions, and right throughout the value...

Customer focus-Lego
Talk to your customers
May 2, 2018

Logan Wedgwood reveals the best three questions that can improve your business this year. I’ve heard it said that 2018 is ‘The Year of...

Mindset matters most
April 18, 2017

Jamie Ford dishes up insights on how mental toughness helps business owners perform...

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