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Dave Rouse at COP26
Was COP26 a COP-OUT?
April 5, 2022

Dave Rouse attended COP26 and came away both inspired and disappointed. The tears of disappointment in the eyes of president Alok Sharma...

Simon Lord 2018
Stronger together
April 5, 2022

Simon Lord explains how New Zealand’s business franchisees found support paid off during lockdown. The recent Delta outbreak, and...

First Scene
Supporting an excellent cause
February 11, 2022

It’s time to unleash the power of the Kiwi business community. Time to rally behind one of New Zealand’s most well-known industry...

Whenuapai House sml
Asking the tough questions on housing
May 12, 2021

New Zealand’s housing and building market is in disarray. Ashley Balls investigation reveals that the real problems extend far beyond the...

Wendy Thompson business portraits-34
Leading by example
November 26, 2020

Wendy Thompson shares her thoughts on leadership during a crisis, and how it all starts by looking after yourself. Fellow business leaders,...

Ben Kepes - Wilderness (2)
The Emperor’s new clothes
November 26, 2020

Ben Keyes pays tribute to the ‘real’ small businesses of New Zealand – the ones holding up our economy in the most difficult of...

Formula 1 racing car
Embracing new ideas
July 20, 2018

The history of Formula 1 has some lessons for franchisors on managing innovation, suggests Simon Lord. The 1970s were a fertile time in...

Simon Lord 2014 (2)
The wages of sin
January 27, 2017

Employment issues continue to dog the franchise sector in Australia. Simon Lord asks if New Zealand franchisors are prepared? Last...

BrianMeredith new-BW_0
Time to sit in the bath
August 18, 2016

Brian H Meredith gets to the heart of poor customer experiences, and explains how it takes hard work and a paradigm shift from the CEO down...

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