NZBusiness February 2007

NZBusiness February 2007

Leading from the heart
Stressed-out executives and owner-operators can now access a programme to give their lives new meaning and rejuvenate their businesses.
By Glenn Baker.

This little pork company went to market
The McCallum-Jackson’s took their pork products to the Otago Farmers Market to see if their business could fly. Now they’re hard-pressed to keep up with demand.

COVER STORY: Delivering the brand
How can your products or services stand out in a world overloaded with brands? NZBusiness talks to leading branding experts to reveal the keys to brand prosperity.

Capital ideas
Raising finance to move your business to the next level can be a challenge, and traditional sources of funding may not meet your needs. Glenn Baker looks at the options.

Painless pay days
New legislation around the Holiday’s Act and KiwiSaver is placing extra demands on payroll systems and providers. Vikki Bland reviews the payroll models for businesses.

Finding, keeping great employees
Why do some companies experience high staff turnover, while others enjoy a relatively stable workforce? It’s all about developing and nurturing your people, as Patricia Moore explains.

Stop thief
A handshake and a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude has no place in the intellectual property world if you plan to be in control of your invention, brand or creative work. By Kevin Kevany.

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