NZBusiness October 2014

NZBusiness October 2014
Crowd pleaser
Earlier this year PledgeMe received a licence to establish an equity crowd-funding platform. CEO Anna Guenther opens up about donning ‘big-girl pants’ and why the most important person in crowd-funding is probably your mum! 
Ledgers in the clouds
We turn up the spotlight on accounting solutions with our Small Business Accounting Software Guide.
Thinking accountant? Think advisor and partner
Businesses need an accountant and they need an advisor. Can they be one and the same? 
Reaching the higher hanging fruit
Many Kiwi businesses are ignoring a large and growing ethnic audience that’s ripe for the picking. 
Clever collateral
Craig Green shares some tips on getting the best in branded wares.
Beyond the comfort zone 
Shirley Keith’s building a global brand and encouraging students to leave their comfort zones. 
The year-round performer
Pipers Lodge owners Bruce and Dianne Lawrence think outside the box to build year-round income. 
Values-led, likeable and loving it
Whenever a businesswoman requires inspiration or encouragement, Vanessa Davey’s Venus Network is there.