A new era for Taupo's Euro Scaffolds

Taupō-based Euro Scaffolds has two new owners, business partners Jason de Montalk and Peter Ritchie.  The pair come to the company from a background in the business and construction industries and bring experience, enthusiasm and a vision to build on Euro’s excellent reputation, taking it to new heights.
Euro Scaffolds, a small business started by the Laity family in 2003, has grown from a one-ute backyard operation to be industry leaders and experts in geothermal-area construction in the central North Island. 
“Euro has an excellent reputation and we aim to take this and continue to raise the bar within the industry,” says de Montalk.  “We’re very pleased to have the experience and support of Matt Laity and Euro’s staff, they’re integral to the business, highly skilled and take great pride in their work.”
“From here, our challenge is to build on the significant successes and developments spearheaded by the Laitys,” he says.  “Taking Euro to new premises has been a positive move and gives us a great platform to work from. Our goal now is to take what’s been achieved and grow it, market dominance in other words.”
Scaffolding is fundamental to the building industry and Euro Scaffolds is involved in all aspects of it.  Their portfolio includes scaffold systems for buildings, bridges, dams, geothermal power stations as well as events.  Offering the best service and product, Euro uses quality German Layher Scaffolding Systems because it’s safe, flexible and enables endless possibilities.
“Scaffolding is a high risk, complex industry and safety is paramount. We’re absolutely detail-driven which is an asset in this business,” says Ritchie.  “The increasing rigours in compliance demands safe scaffold platforms and it’s an absolute pre-requisite to any building project.  Having a safety focus suits the way we operate and we’re extremely pro-active in that respect.”
Ritchie and de Montalk, both new to Taupō are loving it, and already involved in community events and activities.
"We believe in the business, the location is good, business is good and the future will be even better."