Broke and underpaid artists: how do we change that?

When the lights have dimmed and the fans have left and the grey hairs have suddenly appeared, how do you keep earning money from your talent?

For many creatives - money and being paid what your worth can be a touchy subject. 
Even when you are in a good patch of work it can be very difficult getting paid what you think you are worth.
Let alone when you are not the flavour of the month and have a few years on the clock.
But this is not just an issue for the ageing. 
It affects all creative leaning artists, entrepreneurs and business owners.
The burning question is:
How can I have the freedom to create and get paid properly?

It can be common for talented creatives to suffer a 9 to 5 job they don’t enjoy to pay the bills and survive, all the while dreaming of having the freedom to create.
So what is the answer to this age-old problem?
One of the answers that will be shared at Creative Supernova on November 16 is to create a digital asset to leverage your talents and earn you a reliable income.
In the digital age we can productise our skills and talents quite easily. 
This can be in the form of many things including training materials, templates, videos, E-books, webinars and the list goes on
Upon creating these digital assets we can semi-automate the functions of marketing and sales, and then we can reach out to 1.9 billion people on the Internet.
An example of this is female British DJ Short-E. She has an amazing online training portal called where anyone in the world can learn to scratch like a professional DJ in quick time.

On November 16 Justin Cunningham, a creative entrepreneur, Hip-hop MC, NLP trained Transformation educator and ex-Editor of NZ Entrepreneur magazine has put together an event to help creative business owners and start-ups do this.

The key question he answers in his Creative Supernova event is:
How do you leverage your skill and time to improve your income, and create more freedom in your life? 

To help him spread the message he has enlisted some of New Zealand's most talented and creative small business leaders to share their journeys - including Cherie Mathieson (vocal coach, nationally renowned singer and ex-creative director of Xmas in the Park), Chris Graham (award winning director of ‘Sione’s Wedding’ and the ground-breaking Scribe ‘Stand up’ hip-hop music video), Sarah Frizzell (award winning ‘Luck Taco’ Food Truck co-creator and product designer), and Creative Partnership expert Ed Williams from the UK.

"The event promises to pull back the curtain on the reality of how to turn your creative vision into success, and how to keep it there," says Cunningham.
"This event promises to be the most entertaining and transformative small business event of the year."


Event details:
Creative Supernova
6.30pm, Wednesday, November 16
Quality Hotel, Parnell, Auckland

For more information:

Event website:
Contact: Justin Cunningham
Phone: 0211355943

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