Making it easier to work, regardless of location

Polycom has come up with an easier way to share content at work, regardless of location or device. 

In today’s modern workplace, almost two-thirds of the global working population (62%) are now working from anywhere, using technology to meet, connect, and share ideas. However, in many workplaces, the ability to successfully share and manage content across devices and meeting spaces can still be a struggle. To address this, Polycom has launched its Pano™, "the easiest way to share content at work, regardless of location or device". 

Polycom Pano allows up to four people in the same meeting room to simultaneously share, contrast, and compare content side-by-side, from any device, without the hassle of juggling cables, pucks or dongles. Instead, users can share ideas and visuals of all types – such as videos, live interface, images, documents and presentations – with the added benefit of interactive annotation and whiteboarding features, not seen in other wireless content-sharing solutions. Polycom Pano simply connects to any display and enables wireless content-sharing from PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones and even live video. 

“Customers have told us that they struggle to share information in meetings – too much time is wasted trying to find the right adapter or cord for whatever computer or device they have,” said Mary McDowell, Polycom's CEO. “Collaboration is richer and more productive when you annotate and build on your ideas together in real time. Polycom Pano makes content sharing easy and fits into any ecosystem or environment.”   

Polycom Pano is the latest solution in Polycom’s portfolio of intelligent collaboration solutions aimed at closing the gap between 20th century technologies and satisfying the needs of a new generation of 21st century technology-savvy workers.  

Tony Simonsen, Managing Director of Polycom Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Korea says: “Technology innovations should keep pace with shifting work trends and the rise of small group collaboration; Polycom Pano is another step in helping our customers improve both teamwork and productivity. At some point, all of us have struggled to share content in a meeting. Collaboration is more effective when these types of common technology frustrations are eliminated.” 

For people choosing to work from a variety of locations – including boardrooms, client sites, home offices, co-working spaces, airport lounges, or coffee shops – Polycom Pano includes built-in security safeguards that limit sharing to the target monitor and will protect content once a meeting is concluded. The solution works within any ecosystem or environment, helping customers protect their collaboration investment and upscale existing conference room technology. 

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