NZBusiness April 2014

NZBusiness April 2014

Beating the bullies

Greg Mirams’ first company never got started. His second thumped the establishment, before being floored by corporatism. Now his third business is also breaking the rules.

Making sense of sustainability

Adding Sustainable Value is an applied ‘work-on-the-business’ course designed to drive lasting change.

Once upon a digital time
Looking to get ahead in the digital marketing space? Then sharpen up your storytelling skills.

Pulling a crowd
We review the options for raising business capital including equity crowdfunding – now operating under new rules.

The graduate

Optometrist Melissa Hay highlights a new initiative helping fast-track new graduates into their own practices.
Meeting at the pro-biz cafés
Auckland café owners target business people with a new style of meeting-friendly café.
The business of cheerleading
Cheerleading is a serious sport and for Kimberley Ramsay it’s a challenging franchise business and her passion.
In a happy place
TIME Unlimited Tours is a business forged on hard work, integrity, and a genuine desire to provide a unique experience.

Multichannel retailing: the future for retailers
Don’t let interruptions rule your time
Applying the ‘1% Principle’ in your business opinion
Customer Excellence
Franchise File
Marketing Maestro
Export Report
Employment Matters
On Accounts