NZBusiness June 2015

NZBusiness June 2015

Breaking through the barriers

Around 40 percent of New Zealand businesses are owned and operated by women. We profile three business owners, Fiona Clark, Virginia Stallard and Jo Kitchen, who have a common desire for best practice; and a will to succeed.

EXPORT FOCUS: Time to carpe diem

More flexible logistics options, smarter risk management and insurance solutions; it all means easier exporting for Kiwi firms.
Star spangled horizons
Rodd & Gunn targets the North American market in a bid to become truly international.
Start-up of the month
Goodnest is a cloud-based virtual platform that simplifies and cuts the cost of domestic cleaning.
The reinvention of productivity
Practical technology tips for speeding up personal productivity.
Unlevelling the sales playing field
Miles Valentine explains the six key steps in an effective sales model – a blueprint for winning more business.
Start at the end
The ins and outs of business partnership agreements.

Growing as fast as they can

Alistair Parker and Hayley Molloy share lessons from their home kitchen business success.
A taste for business
Some hard lessons for the founders of the Pure Food Co. during the creation of their ‘soft’ foods business.
Off to a solid start
Two years after launching Sorbet, Brianne West is on course to building her global brand of natural beauty products.