NZBusiness March 2014

NZBusiness March 2014

A pleasure doing business

Norman Markgraaff brought his family to New Zealand to escape South Africa’s corruption and build a new life. Now their KiwiYo ‘interactive’ self-serve frozen yoghurt business is one of the country’s fastest growing franchises.

Payment overdue

Business conditions are improving, but that’s no reason to slacken off on debtor management and credit control.
In the cloud we trust
Cloud-based data storage and recovery solutions are quick to deploy and scale according to needs.
Is your marketing message a hot date?
Justin Cunningham offers strategies for attracting and converting more customers.
Asian dreams
Culture is key to doing business in Asia says Singaporean adoptee Hugh Mason.
Ready, willing and able
The Be. Employed initiative highlights the real value access (disabled) employees can add to businesses.

Bean there

Andrew Smart used some smart thinking to give his two Espresso Workshop cafés that unique point of difference.
Wise to adversity
Andre Mendes da Costa knows all about overcoming adversity to succeed in business and his Wairarapa-based business Leatherwise has all the hallmarks of wise management.

Getting a grip on delegation

The first in a series on time management by ‘Time Queen’ Robyn Pearce.
Fresh start for your financials
The best way to get your business financials into shape is to bring in a financial fitness trainer.
Marketing to ‘The New Consumer’
Shara Curlett shares a simple, modern marketing approach in tune with consumers’ behaviours and expectations.   

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