NZBusiness May 2014

NZBusiness May 2014
Boom beginnings: Our Canterbury business update
Three years after the quakes, Canterbury’s business community has shaken off its slightly conservative mindset to reveal a revitalised business landscape where optimism and a new spirit of collaboration reigns supreme.
No more paper chasing
Want to sort your document management once and for all? There’s an efficient solution for your business.
The ultimate plug ‘n play
‘The cloud’ is all about cost-saving, speed, flexibility and security; it’s the new norm.
The internship win-win
Bob Alagh spells out the benefits of hosting internationally sourced interns.
The science of sampling
Chris Coffey uses science to grow her product sampling and experiential marketing business.
The business of meaning well and doing well
A new mentoring initiative provides business skills and training for not-for-profits.
Truly, madly passionate about business
Brianna Wood’s business helps everyday people discover style and fashion.
Seeds of success
Barbara and Gerard Martin reveal the success formula for their Katikati-based Kings Seeds.
The adventure’s just beginning
Through innovative design The Little Adventure Co is set to take on the world.