NZBusiness May 2016

NZBusiness May 2016

Bridging the ethnic divide

In recent years New Zealand’s business landscape has had a seismic shift in its ethnic make-up – particularly with the growth in Asian businesses in Auckland. We examine this amazing diversity and meet some of the forward-thinking business leaders working to bring the Asian and mainstream business communities together.

A lesson in connection

MyTuition helps high school students succeed in their studies by connecting them with the experience and knowledge of previous students.
The experience enthusiast
Avelyn Holcroft-Lewer runs a virtual PA business and wants to address the fact that business owners who ignore social media seriously hinder their growth.
A taste for fine wine
There was one small hiccup in the journey of Auckland’s Fine Wine Delivery Co, but that’s ancient history now as they approach their 20th year.  

The diplomat’s daughter

Natalia Albert has come from nothing to teach women to excel in a business world still filled with inconsistencies in gender equality.
Meeting your tax obligations without penalty
An increasing number of businesses are utilising ‘tax-pooling’ to meet their IRD obligations and protect cashflow.
Facing up to trademark protection
Frank Schöne-de la Nuez, the specialist trademark lawyer behind Leonardo Skincare, shares his trademark tips.
How to tell your sustainability story
Fiona Stephenson offers advice on how to be more effective in communicating your business’s sustainability story.
When the brand is personal
Dominic Bowden shares the story and strategy behind a strong personal brand.
Joy where there is grief
Jude Mannion has unleashed her Fresh Funerals online start-up, and soon things will never be the same.
The Interview: Natalie Cutler-Welsh
Meet the mother of three who created an Internet business for future women entrepreneurs that’s so successful her husband was able to quit his job.