AUT Business School meets market with Professional Masters
The AUT Business School is extending its postgraduate business degree portfolio to meet a growing demand for tertiary qualifications that fast track career enhancement and change, building upon the success and reputation of the long established Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) .
The new Professional Masters degrees are for people who have an undergraduate degree in any field. Candidates can extend their skills in a specific area of business – Master of Global Business, Master of Marketing, Master of Applied Finance.
The degrees may be completed in 12 to 18 months, enabling students to enhance their career prospects in a shorter space of time. 
Ken Lee, Director of the AUT Business School’s MBA and Professional Masters programmes, says: “The Professional Masters degrees allow students to focus on learning goals and applied research specifically oriented to the profession they are planning to enter. They offer a much higher level of professional qualification and expertise in a shorter time. They will be hugely beneficial for international students, those on a sabbatical, professionals wanting to change or upskill their careers, or small and medium business owners wanting to invest in their future.” 
The new masters degrees were launched at AUT on 23 October 2013 by AUT Adjunct Executive Professor Derek Handley, a KEA World Class New Zealander who worked alongside Sir Richard Branson and Jochen Zeitz to start the B Team, a global leadership collective aimed at making business work better for people and the planet. 
Handley says, “Around the world, masters degrees are becoming the professional benchmark as they enhance skills at a senior level. Offering Professional Masters degrees for business means that AUT is ensuring it is on trend in the international education market.” 
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Photo: (L-R) Professor Andrew Parsons (leading Master of Marketing), Derek Handley, Professor Alireza Tourani-Rad (leading Master of Applied Finance), Professor Peter Enderwick (leading Master of Global Business)