Business can beat Auckland traffic with electric bikes

New electric bike company Big Street Bikers is launching fleets of electric bikes for Auckland businesses keen to lead the way in breaking the traffic gridlock. 

The goal is simple: Transform Auckland with 10,000 electric bikers on the streets by 2020. 

For the first time in New Zealand, companies can now get an annual lease of branded electric bikes, fleet management software, regular servicing, on-call courtesy bikes and safety training. 
This end-to-end service makes it easier for companies to join the two-wheeled revolution: saving parking spaces, travel costs and creating a healthier, happier workforce. 

Big Street Bikers director Matt Weavers says, “Companies can be doing a lot more to help solve our transport problem. With car parks in the central city costing up to $60 a day, a $30/week bike subsidy for staff is a no brainer. They’re cheaper than the bus, faster than the traffic and most importantly, much better for your booty.” 

The service is designed to make it as easy as possible for companies of any size to get involved, with Big Street Bikers already in talks with some of New Zealand’s largest and most innovative employers. 

With over 300,000 commuters travelling a very bike-able 5km every day into the city, and the continued investment in new cycle paths from AT and NZTA, Big Street Bikers think electric bikes are an excellent solution for easing traffic congestion on the hills of Auckland. 

Globally, electric bikes are a phenomenon with approximately 36 million sold last year. This equates to a third of all car sales, out-selling electric cars 300 to one. 

Greater Auckland, Deputy Chair Patrick Reynolds says, “E-bikes, not e-cars or driverless cars, are the truly transformational urban transport technology of our age because they have the power to radically change the shape, performance, and economics of cities everywhere.” 

Big Street Bikers welcome Auckland businesses to get in touch about acquiring a fleet of business bikes at: