Kiwi VR language learning startup off on world tour

New Zealand start-up ImmerseMe is building the world’s first virtual reality (VR) based tool for learning languages.

ImmerseMe combines 360 degree video and vocal recognition software to create an immersive,  interactive language learning experience for travellers, business people and students.

It gives users the chance to practice everyday interactions in a risk-free virtual space - filmed in a real life environment - that allows the user to make mistakes, learn, and become fluent.

The team are heading off next week on a whirlwind trip through 10 countries to film content for the ImmerseMe app.

Scott Cardwell, founder and chief executive, says “It’s about learning really practical language skills, in scenarios that you will encounter when you travel - like ordering food or buying tickets. We’ll also have interactions specifically designed for business travellers.

“Myself and videographer Tim Armstrong will be shoot 500 scenarios in 10 weeks, in cities like Paris, Berlin, Beijing and Tokyo. It’s an intense schedule of scouting locations, filming, editing and uploading footage as we go. It’s going to be epic.”

ImmerseMe has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the world tour by offering rewards including a lifetime membership for $50, exclusively through Kickstarter.

ImmerseMe will be available on PCs, mobiles and tablets in April 2017. Contact Scott on for more information.