New SEO e-Book for Kiwi businesses

Businesses can maximise their marketing dollar and lower the cost of acquiring new customers with the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation found in a recently released SEO e-Book.

SEO and Content Marketing firm Found is helping Kiwi businesses tap into the more than 3.5 billion Google searches carried out each day with the release of its new, step-by-step SEO e-Book.

The free e-Book - 17 Actionable Steps For Attracting More Purchase-Ready Customers - is full of actionable steps designed to help New Zealand optimise their website and maximise their visibility within search engines right now.

"There’s a lot of confusion around SEO," says Robert Kramers, SEO specialist and founder of Found. "But at it's core? It’s about getting businesses found online, and that’s what we’re hoping to do with the launch of this guide."

With many New Zealand businesses still relying on traditional advertising, Kramers feels they’re missing out. ‘When you run an advert or radio spot’, says Robert, ‘you’re never sure those hearing it are a part of your target audience. If not? That’s valuable marketing dollars being wasted.

"We want to help Kiwi businesses reach their ideal customers online and reap the benefits for their business. With this e-Book, we’re able to guide them through the overwhelming information at their fingertips, and offer an insight into what works, why, and inviting them to see the results for themselves."

Those interested are invited to check out the SEO e-Book online ( or by downloading a portable .PDF version which includes 3 Bonus Steps to help businesses further optimise their sites for search.