Online company reviews by former employees influence jobseekers
More than 80% of New Zealand jobseekers say the online comments of former employees influence their decision to apply for a job or work for a particular organisation, according to recruiting experts Hays.
In a poll of 630 Kiwis, 36% said that online comments from former employees definitely influence their decision to apply or work at a particular organisation. Another 45% said they take such comments into consideration.
Just 19% said online comments from former employees do not influence their decision in any way.
“Online company review sites are now looked at by more jobseekers and so have a bigger impact on their perception of particular organisations,” says Jason Walker, Managing Director of Hays in New Zealand.
“In mere minutes a candidate can learn a lot about what it’s really like to work for an organisation, which allows them to make a far more informed decision about whether they want to apply for a job there.”
According to Hays, current and departing staff can share insights on a range of topics, from salaries and benefits to the quality of managers and performance expectations, which wouldn’t otherwise be available to job candidates. This has led to a huge shift in the quantity and scope of the information available – rather than the organisation controlling the message about what it’s like to work for them, current and former employees now do so, warts and all.
“For employers, the increased usage of such sites means that more effort needs to be placed on employee engagement – which must continue when an employee resigns and departs,” says Jason. “An offboarding process that helps former employees remain positively engaged with an organisation’s brand is crucial.
“With former employees potentially powerful brand ambassadors, you want to make sure they leave with a smile on their face and a willingness to talk positively about their employment experience at your organisation,” he said.
The poll was conducted on in April and May 2016.