Printer returns to take supreme prize

Auckland’s Logick Print & Graphics has carried off the 2017 Pride In Print Supreme Award for a superb multi-faceted presentation box showcasing the “top tier” status of premium manuka honey.

The True Honey Large & Small Presentation Case also won this year’s Packaging Category prize, but the story behind the story is that this represents a rise back to the summit of the New Zealand print industry for Logick principal Dave Gick, who last year disbarred the company from winning the Supreme Award when he realised that part of his entry did not qualify under the award rules.

From that low point, Logick gets its reward this year by delivering just what premium products require -- premium packaging.

Created for client True Honey, a beautiful black box belies the surprise element that lies inside.
The box opens in concertina fashion, with a jar of manuka honey firmly gripped within the folds. The box can then be refolded, so the case can continue to showcase the honey after the purchase is made, and take pride of place on pantry shelves.

Not only is the packaging spectacular, the design is perfect for the export market in particular. The outer packaging is sealed, preventing anyone other than the buyer from touching the contents, and ensuring total product integrity while being posted or couriered.

Pride In Print Judge Steve Dowd says the presentation case totally reinforces the status of the product.
“This box reflects the premium value that is put on New Zealand manuka honey,” he says.
“The imaginative packaging is eye-catching.
“When you open this pack, it really gives off the wow factor in terms of how everything works together. The textures and the foiling work really well. 
“The box is also sealed, preventing tampering, which goes to emphasise the need for security for such a high-value product. It is a perfect piece of showcasing and adding value.”

Rapt with the comeback win, Logick Print principal Dave Gick says his firm is “so lucky to cater for clients who want something out of the ordinary”.
“The work we have been doing over the last five-to-six years, it seems as if the customer has felt that it could not be produced, and then somehow someone has referred them to us and said ‘if anyone can do it, Logick can do it’,” he says.
“Our reputation has been paved down that road for specialty and unique jobs.
“Sometimes with the jobs we take on, I am not even sure myself at the start if we can do it. That’s how much of a challenge it is. And it is so diverse -- packaging, stationery, point-of-sale.
“But if we can put it through the machine, we can do it. We are still developing techniques about how to get new results.
“When customers push us, we push ourselves.”