MoneyWorks launches Business Angel Award

The MoneyWorks Business Angel Award celebrates Kiwi businesses looking to take that next step. If you are a business looking to grow, then you could be in to win a $15,000 cash injection to help you get there.
Maybe you’re looking to expand? Enter new markets? Speak to a new audience? Maybe you want to overhaul the way you do business? Whatever the goal, it's always good to have a helping hand. MoneyWorks is giving one business an opportunity to receive its Business Angel Award – a $15,000 cash boost, one-on-one mentoring with MoneyWorks founder Grant Cowie and instant kudos.
Cowie says your accounting software shouldn't just be about tax and compliance – it should be an invaluable tool that helps you grow. “If you aren't already a MoneyWorks user, you'll also get a free copy of MoneyWorks and your accountant will receive a full support package to transition your business, worth $5000 (the competition website has full terms and conditions). 
“MoneyWorks is powerful accounting software that businesses can turn to when they have reached the limit of their current system – or their patience. Ingenious features save everyone time and clever reports lead to better business decisions.”
Making better decisions while racing around the world is a major reason why the Kiwi crew behind Chinese-sponsored Team Sanya in the Volvo Ocean Race chose MoneyWorks for its accounting software. Competing in a race of such magnitude requires software that manages the complex and diverse financial logistics of the 39,000 nautical mile journey.
Team Sanya CFO Terry Nicholas says the software helps the team keep pace, providing serious advantages in the context of the global competition.
“The game is always changing in this race. Throughout the race we faced significant boat damage which required the boat to be transported to various ports to be fixed – this also meant we needed to re-forecast our finances.
“MoneyWorks works on an Internet platform meaning team management around the world can easily log on to check on finances at a glance and compare budgets to forecasts and actual costs.”
Business owners can enter the MoneyWorks Business Angel Award directly, and accountants can nominate a client. Enter online at
The competition closes 31 July, 2012.

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