NZBusiness April 2017

NZBusiness April 2017

Redefining business models
Meet Shazly and Ismail Rasheed. They met and married in the Maldives, studied their individual crafts in Hamilton, and now they are driving two flourishing enterprises in Lower Hutt – both with very distinct business models.


Big deals, fast company
Adam Brown, a modern day trader who helped catapult globally-focused clearance distributor Protempo into the Deloitte Fast 50, shares the story behind his success.

Generating happy customers
The determined opposition of the energy establishment provided all the inspiration Jason Tobin needed to succeed in the renewable energy market.

Friends in motion
In just four years, friends Sam Stuchbury, Alex McManus and Jono De Alwis grew digital creative agency Motion Sickness from Dunedin student flat to Auckland high performer.


Succession planning begins with life goals
Succession planning should be seen as exciting and an investment in gaining clarity, says Evana Lithgow.

Très bon, Mr Clareburt
Rhys Clareburt gave up a high-paying sales job to launch his brand of women’s organic tampons.

Working smarter
Discover the latest in smart presentation technology and six easy ways to a smarter workspace.

Looking after the locals
Craig Travers is proudly serving the mid-Canterbury community – like generations of grocers before him.

Gifting the beautiful honey 
Three Peaks honey represents both a new product category and a solid sales strategy into China. 

Geek on a mission
Beweb’s Mike Nelson has built up an impressive client list over 16 years in the website business. 

Enabling the gamified world
AR and VR platforms are on the rise, and Imersia is a front-runner in the race to capitalise on it.


The 4 types of buying customers: how your website can catch them
Converting more leads into sales from your website.

Stop stressing and get your life back
Are the cracks starting to show in the management of your business, and your life? It’s time to intervene, says Fiona Clark. She’s seen what stress can do to people.

How to get the reports you want
Even the smallest business has the power to generate reports that deliver profit-boosting insights.

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