NZBusiness December 2011

NZBusiness December 2011

From mighty seeds
For six weeks, the planet’s 20 top rugby nations battled it out in our stadia in pursuit of the coveted Webb Ellis Cup. But beyond the tournament’s public face another campaign was taking place, spearheaded by the NZ2011 Business Club – a programme designed to win the hearts and minds of visiting business leaders and spawn enduring trade partnerships.
Glenn Baker reviewed the programme’s performance through the eyes of its participants.

IT-savvy businesses are more profitable

Intelligent business systems have the potential to lift medium-size businesses to a whole new level of performance. By Mike Rich.


To market, to market
2011 has been another difficult year for New Zealand’s hard-working exporters – but there have been some positives. Patricia Moore wraps up the year and showcases two shining examples of export initiative..

Marketing on the new frontier
Kevin Kevany looks at online marketing in a world of hyper-connected, super-empowered individuals.

Security check
Exciting new technologies are helping to keep business premises, stock and assets safe and secure. Steve Hart looks at some of the latest trends in business security and surveillance.