NZBusiness February 2013

NZBusiness February 2013

Riding The Waves

For low profile Hamilton serial entrepreneur Neil Richardson, business is all about enjoying what you do, getting the structure absolutely right and learning a heck of a lot along the way. There has also a strong element of good timing when it comes to his business endeavours. Lesley Springall has Richardson’s inspiring story and shares his top eight business principles.

Invest in who?

Ever wondered what goes through an investor’s mind when they scope out a company? Lesley Springall listened in at the annual Angel Association Summit and came away with a pretty good idea.

Save as you pay
Writing for our annual Payroll Systems & Services Guide Kevin Kevany discovers that when it comes to choosing a payroll system the range of options is wider than ever.

Know how, Can do   
It can be lonely at the top – not to mention frustrating and just a little overwhelming. But thankfully an increasing number of owner-operators are finally recognising that if they’re going to grow their business they first have to grow themselves. But where to start? Who to see? Patricia Moore reviews the education marketplace for business owners.

High flyer

Nelson technology company Flightcell International exports high-tech avionics to defence clients worldwide. Founder John Wyllie spoke to Colin Bass.
Pet project
A simple natural pet care product has quickly catapulted Jules Smith and Pete Gregory’s WashBar business into a serious revenue earner.
Brand reconstruction
Nathan and Karen Mumby knew they had to rebrand and refocus their Taranaki construction business. Luckily along came a programme to fast-forward the whole process.