NZBusiness July 2012

NZBusiness July 2012

Digital dreams

Jenene Crossan’s business life would have a Hollywood mogul panting. She hasn’t stopped since her very first taste of success telemarketing as a 16 year old schoolgirl. Five digital businesses and loads of heartache and jubilation later she’s almost ready to step back for a quieter life. And she’s still only 33.
Lesley Springall tracks the life and times of this live-wire entrepreneur.

Cash to work with

Debt factoring products and services are steadily gaining traction in a market that has traditionally viewed them with a degree of scepticism. For many businesses factoring can be the difference between stagnation and growth. By Glenn Baker.
Have device, will manage
Smart, sophisticated mobile office tools and faster mobile broadband are pushing business productivity to new levels. Bill Bennett has been reviewing the marketplace.
Supermarket leads on energy saving
Apply a little inspiration, motivation, common-sense and smart technology in a supermarket setting and there’s potential for a great energy-saving outcome. NZBusiness has a special report on the 2012 EECA Awards.
Move over PayPal, Kiwipay’s here
Since attending his only year at Uni in 2000, Galen King has learnt a lot about business. He’s now poised to bring to market a Kiwi alternative to a phenomenally successful international online business.

Mainstream green

Earthwise was founded in the cottage industry of the 60s and is now on track to becoming Australasia’s leading environmental brand.
Aviation in the blood
Colin Bass traces the dynasty of a leading aviation company.
Process driven
Desi Lorand’s business delivers automated supplier invoice processing to save enterprises money, time and storage.
Towards world domination
Metal tile manufacturer Metrotile brought its manufacturing back to New Zealand and is now set to achieve big things in export markets.