NZBusiness July 2013

NZBusiness July 2013

Green shoots

For Living Earth founder Rob Fenwick, good business is all about working with nature to reduce costs and minimise environmental impact. It’s also about creating the world’s tastiest oyster.
Lesley Springall discovers a man with an eye for opportunity and an eye for the planet.

Apps that mean business

Mobile business applications are powerful enablers for workers and for business efficiency – but some are clearly better than others. We sent Bill Bennett out to do some app spotting.

Flexible factoring
For many years this magazine has endeavoured to educate owner managers on the merits of debt factoring as a means to smooth cashflow and fund business growth. Today factoring has become accepted as a game changer; it’s time to catch up on the latest developments.

Shared experiences
Yelp is an online review site born in the USA that will help Kiwi shoppers identify the most popular businesses in this country. But it’s up against some stiff local competition. NZBusiness caught up with Yelp’s vice-president of new markets, Miriam Warren, prior to its launch.

In a happy place

Wireless Nation’s Tom Linn is an entrepreneurial academic with his antennae tuned-in to market needs. Kevin Kevany has his story.
Simply the best
For Formé Spa’s Hady Wenham only the best will do and her outlets are built around the word consistency. 
Designed on values
A series of events have led Return To Sender’s Greg and Leanne Holdsworth to a place where they can make a real difference in the world.

Marketing your ‘good idea’

Part two of Jonny Mole’s ‘audience equity’ series and its relevance within the emerging ‘connection economy’.
Maximising gain through mentoring
Business mentoring is a key tactic for a former New Zealand Army instructor’s fitness programme.
Maximising sales, profit and cash
A quick lesson on break-even sales, costs and both good and bad cashflow.

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