NZBusiness May 2013

NZBusiness May 2013

Brave heart

Being crushed by a tree gave him courage. Going bust, gave him experience. But it was values that ultimately saved Jacob Kajavala and his business, Kawerau forestry company KFL. Now he’s on a mission to make us all brave. Lesley Springall caught up with the inspiring logger turned entrepreneur – a man who has instilled a bravery-based culture within his organisation.

Blueprints for growth

Dunedin has an ambitious ten-year plan for economic expansion. It is also head office to Business of the Year Southern Hospitality – which is demonstrating its own remarkable growth plan. Claire Grant profiles both.

Step away from the paper
Finding document management too hard? It’s worth persevering because cost-savings and efficiency will be your reward. Kevin Kevany reports.

Outlook cloudy
The online hosting and delivery of key business services is well on the way to becoming mainstream. But how did it all happen so fast? Glenn Baker tracks the remarkable rise of cloud-delivered services.

Trust the outsourcer
Outsourcing has steadily grown into a standard business approach for firms of all sizes. So why is it so popular, and how should it be managed? NZBusiness consults Lume MD Richard Cheeseman.

Engage and sell
Content marketing is all the buzz in the digital sphere, trouble is it’s not new. Neither is it just for online selling. But it does work, as BrandWorld’s Mike O’Sullivan explains.

Interior motives

Spaceworks’ Lizzi Hines is a risk-taker. Putting everything on the line to buy her commercial interior design business prior to the GFC, she has gone on to design her own blueprint for success. By Glenn Baker.
Zipping up success
Literally built from the ground up, Rotorua Canopy Tours is a young company that’s succeeding in the highly competitive tourism sector – and it’s all thanks to careful planning, the right timing and a belief in the outcome. Patricia Moore spoke to its founder James Fitzgerald.