NZBusiness September 2013

NZBusiness September 2013

Savvy siblings

Popular reality TV show The Block may have catapulted Libby and Ben Crawford to stardom in 2012, but it’s pure business savvy that has allowed the brother and sister combination to capitalise on their fame. Now they’re hard at work building their own creative agency and showing real signs of success. By Lesley Springall.

2014 MBA Guide: Rich offerings

MBA educators are shifting from teaching to coaching in an all-out effort to ensure their programmes stay relevant and leading edge. Kevin Kevany examines an industry that’s changing with the times.

Silver linings
Cloud-based applications are fast becoming the ‘new norm’ for owner managers looking to build greater value into their businesses.

Disruptive innovation requires disruptive leadership Colin Bass reports on some of the challenging thinking that came out of Leadership Week.

Putting your brand in front of smartphones
Augmented Reality apps are an exciting new way to encourage people to engage with your product or brand.

Groomed for consistency

A background in business consultancy has helped Vivianne Bryant focus on the fundamentals to success with her Bare Waxing and Skin Centres.  
Interaction man
Unlimited Realities supplies user interface applications for the world’s leading technology brands. For founder David Brebner it’s been a transitional journey.
Keeping it simple, and family-friendly
Sacha MacDonald is building a ‘virtual’ business in Nelson that’s family-friendly for employees and highly valued by clients.

Taming the dragons

Simon Bardon shows how to bring challenging employees into line.
Management minefields for SMEs
Part two of a three-part mini-series on people management issues.
Due diligence: a practical approach
Greg James’ guide to best practice due diligence processes.

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59    Franchise File
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63    Marketing Maestro
64    Issues with Balls