Black Pearl Mail opens Australia office
New Zealand-headquartered global software company Black Pearl Mail has opened an office in Sydney reflecting significant demand in Australia for its unique product that enhances the capabilities of email as a business tool. 
Black Pearl Mail is currently in discussions with over 100 companies in Australia ranging from 10 to 50,000 employees in size, including a number of deals already underway with customers listed on the ASX. The three-year old company also has a fast-growing number of other international clients and plans for further offshore expansion in the short term.
Founder Nick Lissette says the reason Black Pearl Mail has been so successful over such a short period of time, is that the company has cracked a problem no other company in the world has been able to solve.
“Email is the number-one form of business communication – with over 100 billion business emails sent every day – yet it has some fundamental flaws that our service eliminates. Until now it hasn’t been possible to create emails and email signatures that have a consistent appearance, given the diversity of devices and servers globally. With over 17,000 delivery permutations an email has to negotiate in the world, it was an incredibly difficult problem to tackle. We have a patent pending on our technology that solves it.” 
Black Pearl Mail not only enables companies to ensure consistency of email branding, but provides a range of additional benefits. Custom headers and footers can be added and signature content can be enriched, for example videos of latest company ads can be included into signatures, to effectively turn emails into a digital channel. In addition, employees’ email branding can be centrally controlled so there is no deviation in format, which is often an issue for large companies.
The service also enables clients to measure and analyse the effectiveness of their emails as a communications tool through customised reports the system can generate on key analytics such as percentage of emails opened and links clicked on. More immediately, users can opt to see if an email they’ve sent has been opened without the recipient being aware of this. 
"The potential marketing and branding benefits for companies are enormous. Some of Australia's most iconic brands and largest international companies are already keen to adopt the Black Pearl Mail technology and to benefit from their ability to utilise email as a digital marketing channel. Opening an office in Sydney is a direct result of new customer growth and our response to support that," said Lissette.
Black Pearl Mail is available for organisations of all sizes from SMEs to multinationals with hundreds of thousands of employees. A cloud-based version can be purchased for $1 per user, while large organisations can opt for bespoke solutions with phased roll-outs.
Black Pearl Mail is owned by private investors including Simon Botherway, as well as Company Directors Shane Bruhns and Australian Peter Clare.