Cambridge night market calls for vendors

Are you a passionate food truck operator or mobile food vendor, looking to cook up a storm and inspire others about your food story? Are you in search of a new adventure within a weekly night market based in Cambridge? If it's 'yes' to all those questions, Taryn Lyford, event director of Alfresco Bites, wants to hear from you.  

"Alfresco Bites was launched in October 2015 to bring the community together in a unique and magical space, and it has done just that," explains Taryn (Taz). 
Pop up artisan food trucks provide ‘Food for Every Mood’ and create the ultimate weekly foodie destination. "It's an outdoor dining experience with a difference; it allows families and friends to meet up, sample some delicious street food, and sit down in a picnic atmosphere, to enjoy some sweet music, live cooking demonstrations, and a chance for the young ones to play on the playgrounds and the miniature trains." 
Taz, of Black Fox Creative, says “I’m really proud of how successful last season was. My aim this year is to offer more variety, with more vendors. This ever evolving food truck craze gets everyone excited. The dedicated manifestations of delightful punchy flavours, passionate operators with a strong vision to inspire change to the hospitality industry, creates a memorable food experience for all involved. 
"This season I would love to introduce more food trucks that cater for the rising need of diverse dietary requirements, and healthy options for our Town of Champions. I have experience myself with dietary requirements, and that is also why I was keen to introduce Alfresco Bites into Cambridge. Let’s create safe and exciting varieties to our usual takeout experiences.”

If you are interested in joining the family of vendors at Alfresco Bites, which will be held every Friday from 5pm until dark at Leamington Domain in Cambridge from December 2nd to the end of March, go to or
Or contact Taz at or mobile 027 6356 156