Free branding for small businesses
Free branding for small businesses

Branding and growth strategists Waking Giants are offering a free branding package to help uplift small businesses.

Each calendar month they choose a person/company that puts themselves forward for some free branding advice and design.
The idea comes from Waking Giants founder/director Grant Difford’s love of helping small businesses build momentum and confidence in what they’re doing. He believes New Zealand is one of the easiest places in the world to start a business, but there is still a lot of education needed around the value of branding. 

“The no strings attached give-away is designed for those looking to start a business or those who want to take their business to the next level,” says Difford. “It could be an individual or a small team that’s well into the planning stage of a business and ready to make it real. Or those early stage businesses that haven’t quite cracked their brand strategy.”

Difford has more than 15 years’ experience working with brands. The free branding will involve an initial consultation to explore the company vision and development of brand identity – naming, logo, business cards, social media assets, and more. He is also looking to help guide these businesses in the right direction with an easy-to-follow growth strategy.

For Difford and the Waking Giants team it provides them with further opportunity to work with hungry start-ups and early stage businesses that need support. 
“The idea is centred on giving back to the business community, which is one of the core values at Waking Giants, and about upskilling businesses around the importance of branding to their long-term success,” says Difford. 
Branding may be the most elusive part of business,” he adds. “Things like sales and marketing go hand in hand but building a brand is so much harder to define and ultimately achieve.”

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