New equity crowdfunding platform backs start ups

A new online equity crowdfunding platform is offering wholesale investors the opportunity to back Kiwi start-ups on the same terms as angel investors.

AngelEquity provides wholesale investors – including high net-worth indivduals, or people with sophisticated experience of financial markets – access to a range of early stage investments presented by angel groups country-wide. 
“AngelEquity is an exciting opportunity for wholesale investors to invest in the Kiwi start-up scene”, says Bill Murphy founder of Bay of Plenty angel investor group Enterprise Angels – the team behind AngelEquity. 
“Angels are highly experienced with early stage investments and we put each company through a rigorous process of due diligence, company valuation and negotiating the terms of the investment.”
All AngelEquity deals have passed due diligence and have a minimum of 25 percent angel investment in their current funding round. “Angels are not just providing financial backing, we’re also investing our time, knowledge and expertise and that’s where these companies get the most benefit,” says Murphy.
Murphy sees AngelEquity as a means for angels to leverage this investment of time and money, by raising additional capital through opening these early stage investments to a broader pool of investors. 
Suse Reynolds, Executive Director of the Angel Association of New Zealand, says that while early stage investment is risky, it’s vital for New Zealand’s future economic and social wellbeing. “These companies are the Xeros and F&P Healthcare companies of the future. And what these companies need as much as the capital is exposure and support – the expertise and connections that the capital can help deliver.”
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Pictured: Bill Murphy.