Redvespa launches business analysis contracting model
For the past 12 years, Redvespa has been marketing business analysis services to New Zealand clients. To offer more choice in how they help businesses deliver their projects successfully, Redvespa is now offering Sidecar contracting services alongside their existing premium consulting services. 
Sidecar provides the opportunity for businesses to bypass recruitment companies and come straight to Redvespa for business analysis, at an experience and price point that works. 
Sarah Gibson, CEO, says “Redvespa's business analysis offering is truly unique and unparalleled in the market. We are problem solvers who work alongside our clients putting them and their customers at the heart of what we do. We will use whatever approach is best to deliver better business outcomes for them.” 
James Grieve, GM of Project Deliver, ASB, says “Like ASB, Redvespa has the customer at the heart of what they do. We have been delighted with the quality of BA service they have provided us.”
Richard Gibson, Founder of Redvespa, says “The introduction of Sidecar provides a unique opportunity to service our clients with the best people, and with a level of support that our clients need and want. Twelve years ago, we saw a gap in the market - no company solely focused on business analysis, and with this new offering we will provide the full suite of employment and engagement models in order to be able to serve all clients.”
The Sidecar model also allows seasoned professionals who have been in the business analysis game for many years to work with the best business analysis company in the contracting employment model they desire.