In search of medal-winning products
Now there’s an easy way to decide which consumable brands to buy – thanks to the recommendations of thousands of Kiwi shoppers. 
Black Box, the country’s biggest in-home sampling company, has shone a light on the products people are more likely to purchase and recommend to others.  
First, it asks its thousands of everyday Kiwi consumers to rate the products they receive in their Black Box. Then it shares the results to help make shopping easier for everyone.  
The company has used this information, from the around 100,000 households it surveys, to create new Members’ Recommendation Awards. Once customers have used the products from Black Box, they are asked a range of questions about each product, such as willingness to purchase and whether or not they would recommend the product to others. 
Products that score 90 percent consumer recommendation or higher are awarded a gold medal, while products that achieve 80-90 percent get a silver medal. 
SampleCo Black Box general manager, Clinton Beuvink, says the medal-winning products are the cream of the crop. 
“Our gold and silver medals have been given a seal of approval from people who have already used that product,” says Clinton. “It’s a great way for busy shoppers to save time as each product has essentially been endorsed by thousands of people just like them. The guesswork has already been done for them.”    
Clinton says today’s retail environment is highly competitive so when it comes to making products stand out, every little bit counts. 
“Consumers are faced with a huge variety of choice these days, making it difficult to know what to buy,” he says. “A product with a Black Box medal sticker will make consumers feel more confident that the product will be a winner.”  
The gold and silver sticker-bearing products are mainly recognisable household name brands ranging from food and beverages to household cleaning.  
“The ultimate winner of the Members’ Recommendation Awards is the consumer as this will help guide them to the best products next time they’re shopping,” says Clinton. 
The Members’ Recommendation Awards gold and silver products are available in supermarkets, petrol stations, pharmacies and cafes nationwide.  
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