Breaking down the E-Walls

Are you in the business of selling an idea or product? If you are, the ability to influence and persuade others is one of the most valuable skills you can have. Unfortunately in this age of digital communication, our powers of persuasion are often compromised by our unwillingness to step out from behind our computer screens and engage if face-to-face communication – where our best chance of influencing a decision maker still lies.
In The Ultimate Book of Influence, Australian author Chris Helder addresses one of the most pressing issues facing business today – which he calls the ‘E-Wall’ and ‘E-Pong’. Clients hide behind a virtual electronic wall (E-Wall) he says, which creates the game of E-Pong – bouncing emails backwards and forwards – making deals harder and more time consuming. Face-to-face communication skills are more important than ever to get right he says.
Helder’s book provides ten essential tools to help you boost those skills. It shows you how to: read body language and uncover what’s important to your clients and stakeholders; convince others to take action; make stronger connections with customers and staff; and engage, inspire and motivate your staff to achieve more than they thought possible.
Helder teaches you how to choose the right kind of communication technique for any situation – so when you speak, you know people are listening.
ISBN: 978-11186-41309

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