Build your EnQ, build your business

Just because a person has sound business knowledge, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll make a successful entrepreneur. Sandy Geyer reminds us that knowledgeable entrepreneurs lead their businesses to failure every day.
To be enduring and thriving entrepreneurs, Geyer says, we need Entrepreneurial Intelligence (EnQ) to translate our knowledge and motivations into a profitable and rewarding business structure. Her book Path of the Lion identifies the limiting traits, tendencies and mistakes of her other three ‘entrepreneurial species’ (the EnQ Rhino, Fish Eagle and Baboon) and formulates a clear path of learning and application of that learning in order to successfully follow the path of “the ultimate king of the EnQ jungle – the Lion”.
Sandy Geyer has combined her skills with her experiences in her own journey as an entrepreneur to create an entertaining, enlightening and challenging training process for entrepreneurs, at all levels, to develop their EnQ. An extremely useful book for any entrepreneur with a desire to learn.
ISBN: 978-18692-15385
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