NZBusiness November 2011

NZBusiness November 2011

The great balancing act
Owning and running a business isn’t for the faint-hearted. It requires superb organisational skills and even larger amounts of stamina. Ruth Le Pla has four stories of people thriving on the demands of business, family and everything else that life throws at them. They talk about what keeps them sane, their guiding principles and what makes them bounce out of bed each morning ready to do it all again.

Tackling those late payments

Kevin Kevany reports on how changes to the way businesses manage debtors are helping protect the lifeblood of business – cashflow.

‘Doing good’ is good for business
A recent BNI survey on the social responsibility attitudes of businesses has revealed just how important charity and community association has become to a business’s success. By Colin Kennedy.

► Data security: facts and fallacies
Keeping your business data safe and secure is not just about covering yourself for catastrophic events such as earthquakes. There are many other factors to consider, not least of which is the ever-present risk of human error. NZBusiness looks at some facts and misunderstandings surrounding data security.

► How to avoid death by PowerPoint
Presenters must ‘get smart’ on visual aids if they want to grab the attention of audiences. Patricia Moore has this, and plenty more, advice on presentation technologies and techniques from the experts.