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Digital signs of the times
September 21, 2015

Digital signage is being deployed right across the business spectrum. NZBusiness asks Wallflower CEO Tony Scott why the technology is now...

Beyond the backyard
April 21, 2015

Redcactus is a Kiwi brand strategy and packaging design agency that’s made a name for itself overseas. NZBusiness caught up...

To patent or not to patent
March 23, 2015

Potential investors are often quick to ask about patent protection, but are patents really worth the paper they are written on?...

Visual Attraction
March 23, 2015

Where is digital marketing technology taking businesses in 2015? Donovan Jackson covers some of the more exciting...

Kate Wilson_0_0
Guerilla tactics key to growth
February 2, 2015

Intellectual property can be more valuable if paid for and acquired by a larger organisation, rather than the smaller organisation...

Apps as a magic trick_0
Managing on mobile moments
June 11, 2014

The latest smartphone business apps and services are designed to operate businesses while on the run. Mobile apps are also powerful brand...

Creating the perfect package
May 14, 2014

Whether you’re about exclusivity, value or have a unique story to tell, packaging for your product is a vital part of your marketing...

Debra Hall landscape
The power of print
August 6, 2013

NZ Marketing Association chair Debra Hall is advising SME owner/managers to think more about how they can tailor their messages following...

Marketing your ‘good idea’
June 11, 2013

Jonny Mole, CEO of Chilli, introduces the concept of ‘audience equity’ and its increasing relevance within the emerging...

Online on a budget
March 19, 2013

Looking to optimise your online marketing spend? Get the basics right but be prepared to think outside the box as well. Kevin Kevany...

Grow how?
February 12, 2013

Business owners need money, markets and management to get ahead, but without connections you’re not going to get...

Predicting the unpredictable
November 13, 2012

Kevin Kevany interviews several leading crystal ball gazers on the rise of ‘effectiveness’, ‘responsive design’...

A marketing state of mind
September 18, 2012

Marketing in 2012 is about getting the basics right before ‘moving into your client’s pocket’. By Kevin...

Marketing on the new frontier
November 15, 2011

Kevin Kevany looks at online marketing in a world of hyper-connected, super-empowered individuals. How seriously should we be taking online...

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